My Top 10 Classic Adventures

  1. Cross-Country USA on a Harley Davidson – Route 66xRTDmWIOTjjIvD.jpg
  2. Ladakh on a Royal Enfield836963002_08c7857b74_o
  3. Long Way Down through Africa on a BMWF800GS3
  4. The Extended Motorcycle Diaries – Alaska to Ushuaiabddad793cbe983994bfb247f0587618e
  5. The Delhi Express takes the Silk Route – London to Delhi via Kazakhstan, China, Thailand and Burma (with your weapon of choice)
  6. Across the Mongolia Steppe to Hungary by HorseSONY DSC
  7. Caravan Across Australia3
  8. Kayak the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon3ck-5
  9. Kite Surf in Brazil from Cumboco to JericoacoaraBarra Grande, in Maranh‹o, Piau’ State
  10. Climb the Matterhorn6122222766_f681898cc0_b

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