West Coast – Open Roads and an Open Heart

This weekend Pan and I went on a ride from Cape Town to the Langebaan Lagoon, part of the Wild Coast National Park:

West Coast RouteWest Coast Route 2

The first stop was the Atlantis Sand Dunes, hills of white powder on a background of blue skies and Table Mountain. Lots of “backies” (South African for SUV’s) and motorcycles used the beautiful weekend to ride around.


The second stop was the Langebaan lagoon, a great spot for picnics, braai (South African for barbecue) and water sports.


The road (R27) was nice, just one lane in each direction. But the Harley is not always the ideal ride for long distances in South Africa, where there are strong winds all year long. I spent the difficult drive (which makes you feel as though you are being battered with plastic bottles constantly) thankful for the fact that my F700GS will have a large windscreen and a comfort seat. Woo hoo!

West Coast 1IMG_0013

Yesterday I went flying over Cape Town with John, an amazing Israeli guy who is training to become a pilot.


Afterwards we managed an awesome sunset session kite surfing. I haven’t had too much experience riding waves, but I had a hell of a time. One wave threw me up 5 meters in the air before I made the huge tactical mistake of looking down, followed by the inevitable crash into salty water. One of my all-time best sessions.20160404_170009-0120160405_182337

Cape Town continues to surprise with its beauty. Definitely a must-see city.





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