The Travel Gods

This post goes out to all my travel gods! You know who you are!

1. The ATM God! Because there is no sweeter sound to a budget-traveler-whose-credit-card-has-been-malfunctioning-lately’s ears than that whirring sound the ATM makes when it is about to divulge wonderful, essential cash.

2. The No-Mechanical-Issues God! The one who makes sure (almost every morning) that the motorcycle will start up when you press the button, that there will be no punctures, no worn-out clutches!DSC_0064

3. The No-Rain God! Despite the fact that this God is sometimes extremely unpopular and completely overshadowed by the Yes-Rain God, I have to say how grateful I am that when storm clouds gather over my head, not a drop comes down. Because riding a motorcycle in the rain is just miserable.

4. The Toilet Paper God! Walking to the bathroom warily with bowel movements threatening to erupt from all over and I’m praying and praying “Oh, Lord! Let there be toilet paper!”

5. The Hot Water God! The difference between a strong, independent, capable woman and a whimpering baby crying in the shower and refusing to bathe.

6. The Cold Beer God! No further explanation needed.

7. The Wave-You-On Policemen God! No questions about all the paperwork you need (and may or may not, probably not, have). No bribes, no issues. Just wave you through and smile. Phew!Policeman Tanzania1

8. The Visa-Free-Country God! Saving you from paying exuberant sums of 50 USD at the border.

9. The Differentiate-Between-Mango-and-Papaya God! Because who wants to raise a luscious, delicious, juicy, plump, orange piece of mango to their mouths just to find out that it is papaya. Ugh!20160702_072937-01

10. And, most important of all, the real Gods and Guardian Angels and Saviors – kind strangers along the way. Those who helped me lift my bike off the middle of the road when the rear break was binding, those who lent me a cellphone when I was lost, those who invited me over to stay with them and gave me a warm dinner, a cozy bed and the use of their laundry machine. Those who showed me around the city, gave me a free drink, made me smile. Thank you doesn’t feel like enough.

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