The Garden Route

I’ve spent the last few days enjoying South Africa’s garden Route, which has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the most beautiful areas of SA.

Last Wednesday I drove down from Burgersdrop to Jeffreys Bay through the arid and dramatic Karoo. Clouds hung low on the ground and soon I was engulfed completely in mist.


Jeffreys Bay exudes “surfer vibe” from every corner. It is a world-famous site for its Super Tubes and on the weekend I was there great conditions were forecast. I even tried my luck.




The nearby resort-town, St.Francis Bay, was also beautiful and relaxed.



The next day I drove to Mossel Bay through a side road that had been closed a few years back called Boulkrans Pass. The  road is still in good condition but it has started to be overrun by boulders and plants. It dips down into Nature’s Valley – the only way to describe it is pure magic.



In Mossel Bay I met two German girls on an exchange program at the Durban University and two boys from Germany and Alaska who were studying in Swaziland. Together we drove two hours north to the Cango Caves, formed two million years ago and absolutely stunning.



On Saturday I went Shark Cage Diving, something I had wanted to do for a long time. It was an awesome experience. Aside from the adrenaline rush and the excitement I also learnt a lot about the Great Whites. For example, did you know that the female sharks are almost twice the size of the males? And that they reach sexual maturity only around age 26-33 and live to be about 70? The center also works hard to promote awareness about the conservation of these animals. Please watch the video by clicking  here.



Yesterday I drove through dirt roads from Mossel Bay to the Malgas pont, the last hand-drawn pont in South Africa. A raft is loaded with three cars (and one motorcycle which can sneak on in front of the que) and the workers then pull, with their bodies, the raft along a metal pulley.



The dirt roads were in great condition and much more fun than tar, especially with my bike. It was a big confidence booster for me to spend an entire day on gravel roads alone and handle it so well.


And now I have finally arrived back in Cape Town. Uwe very kindly offered me a place to stay. I have some errands to run and things to organize here and then I hope to be off in three or four days heading north to Namibia.

Route South Africa

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